Open jeep Nairobi National Park Best way to do game viewing at Nairobi National park with open jeep landcruiser with professional driver guide.

An open jeep tour maximises the view around the car, the seats are cascaded front to back to allow back passengers have a view of the front. While on tour you also get the thrill of being close to the wild fauna and animals around you.

Book an open jeep for to enjoy your tour to Nairobi Park.
Rates per person:

1 Pax:200$
2 Pax : 100$ each
3 Pax: 65$ each
4 pax:50$ each
5 Pax:40$ each
6 pax:35$ each
Rate includes: Transport, guiding services, water, entrance fee of driver guide and open jeep safari vehicle
Rate excludes :entrance fees
CItizen/Resident Adult -400 KESH/ Citizen/Resident child 200 KESH
Non Resident Adult:35$ and Non Resident Child 20$

Meeting point: Nairobi National park main gate

To book want to book open jeep to Nairobi park


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