Date of Birth: 1974
Area of Birth: Central Kenya Kiambu
Safari Guiding Experience: 10 years
Certification: Bronze certified – Kenya Professional Safari Guides Association (KPSGA)
Favorite National Parks: Masai Mara, Samburu & Amboseli Park
Languages: Kikuyu, Swahili, English
Favorite Wild Animals: leopard, rhino, lion
Favorite travelers: Family, individuals, honeymooners, Incentive
Safari car: 4×4 safari vehicle jeep Land cruiser
Package: Safari car and driver-guide
Jambo from Kenya My name is Kennedy I am an experienced driver-guide with over 7 years in Masai mara guiding inside the park.I have gained experience both in driving, guiding spotting, and photography. If looking for a safari driver-guide to create memories, stories, documentaries with skills, and customer service i look forward to introducing you to Africa on that private safari tour.


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    A great awesome guide full of knowledge, experience, and storytelling


    Ken is full of knowledge and expirience in safaris. Very friendly and flexible.
    We have un unbelievable experencie in Masai Mara at lunch time under the fig tree close to a wilderbeast.

    Chris & Ellie

    Ken is an absolute legend. He has knowledge and experience. He has incredible stories. He is flexible and patient, and by the end of your safari you will feel like you have spent the time driving around with a good friend. We feel lucky to have spent our time on safari with Ken and will recommend him to every friend or family member planning a trip to Kenya.


    He is an amazing driver and a great person. Our 2 weeks trip was fantastic. Asante Ken


    Ken was the best driver I have ever met. He drives extremly well and I always felt safe, dispite the diffucult conditions. He always was friendly and he is cery experienced in Safari. It was a fantastic journey and I say thank you to Ken

    Alex & Philo

    We went on a trip with Ken from Nairobi to Mombasa. It was great. Ken is a very good driver. We always felt safe. He knew the best spots to find wildlife. If we´re ever going back to Kenya we would like to have Ken as a driver again.
    Best wishes.

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