Drive 4X4 safaris in North Kenya

Kenya safari car hire 4×4 to Lake Turkana

4×4 safari vehicle hire to lake Turkana where you do a private desert Kenya safari Package to Lake Turkana
Lake Turkana safari a Northern Kenya safari has a lot of intrest and find close checks when  taking a trip to Lake turkana. Find the facts here

1.A great Venture worth doing
2.We will offer you a car and driver for $250 a day…. Rate per car load

lake turkana safari car hire
lake turkana safari car hire

3. The car rate will include fuel/gas,allowances,car and driver meals and accomodation as well as any other entrance or parking fees
-The car will be fitted with fridge,Ac charging,wifi,well maintained safari jeep,water,bean bags and camera stands
-The driver is good and conversant with Turkana and has been doing photography travel
-driver name is william –

Budget you should have
Accomodation- Budget  30$-50$ per person per night with meals per person (highest you can get)

Plan gifts Package because you will be needed to gift or appreciate Cash per village or some good items like water,dry foods etc if we inch to booking i can advise
Village cost is maximum 100$ per village

We will hire a local guide to Facilitate  all logistics 35-50$ a day

NB if you have 3 weeks we will explore to unique tribes beyond loyangalani up north Lake turkana a unique tribe

You need to book this Guide william early seem he gets  quite busy

Bring tents and sleeping bags we need them

Bring own food too (300$-500$) Team of you two,two guards and driver

Toyota Land Cruiser for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya
Toyota Land Cruiser for Hire in Nairobi, Kenya

We will need to hire security at some days like 50$  per Security we need two for 5 days in some uppper North.

My cell No is +254710189751

Will be happy to give you experience you are looking for

Chris  Mbogo
Kenya Safari Driver Guides

Deposit needed is 20% ) for transport only) balance cash on safari day

Payment can be done via Paypal or secure payment online or wire transfer

Chris Mbogo
Cell/Whatsapp +254722348656


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    - March 18, 2022

    How is the COVID situation over there?

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